1. Write a letter to the chief of your state cpmplaining about the lack of drinking water facilities in your area.

2. Write a letter to the Superintendent of Police regarding the deterioting law and order situation in your locality. Suggest measures to improve the situation.

3. Malaria caused a havoc in your locality specially on children. Write a letter to the Chairman of Municipality suggesting him possible steps to be taken to get rid of this problem with the help of the following points:

Reasons : a)  Rampant breeding of mosquitoes. (b) Stangnant water. (c)  Underlines of dumping ground and garbage.

Effect :: a) Brisk spreading of Malaria. (b)  Caused death of people, specially children. (c)  Hospital is crowed by patients and there is no place for people who lately suffering.

Solution::  a)  Medical aid to be provided.  (b)  Filling of drains.  (c)  Clearance of stagnance water.  (d)  Incestictes should be spread.  (e)  Use mosquitoes nets.


We would highly appreciate it if students understood that due to paucity of time, we aren't able to attend to all your queries. However, I would give you an idea of how to frame your answer. Hope you get a hint from the same.

Writing a letter to the chief of your state complaining about the lack of drinking water facilities in your area:



Yatika Deshmukh

B-980, West of Kailash,

New Delhi–65.



Ministry of Water Resources

Government of India

New Delhi-20


Dear Sir,


Sub: Complaint for lack of drinking water facilities in West of Kailash


This letter is in reference to a very grave problem which our area is suffering from since the last few days. We, the residents, are unable to get proper drinking water at our places after noon everyday. The various issues are arising from the municipality. We have sent drafts on the same numerous times but nothing is taken into consideration. Water should be supplied twice in all the localities. However, that has become once in a day since last 2 months. Even then, the valves are never opened loose which has led to the flow and pressure of water reducing day-by-day. Another problem is the quality of water. It has been noticed that the water is not well processed which has led to supply of impure water. Chlorination isn't been given prior importance because of which residents here suffer from diarrhea, dysentery, jaundice, etc very frequently.

We would be highly obliged if steps on the same are taken as soon as possible as this is a very serious matter to be dealt upon. It might turn fatal soon so please look into the issue on an urgent notice.

Thanking you in anticipation,


Yatika Deshmukh


West of Kailash Club.

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