1) Write an article about the impact of revolution brought by ‘Information Technology’ in India to be published in your school magazine in about 150-200 words.

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Such questions test your creative and writing skills and must be attempted on your own. However, the following points will help you elaborate:

--technology  and information bound together making life rather simple.

--easy to store information and access it from anywhere in the world. 

--it integrates all the systems that we know of. Makes it possible to access as much information as one desires.

-"'the foundation of IT services industry was established in India with the establishment of the Tata Group in partnership with Burroughs in 1967". Coming up of Bangalore as the Silicon Valley.

--computer technology is used excessively. It is used in schools, offices, homes-in almost every sphere of life. Everything is being computerised.

--internet has brought the world closer and made it seem smaller as if its a 'global village'.

--now information can be accessed even in local languages making it accessible even to non-english speaking people.

--telephones, televisions, softwares, etc. all come under the umbrella term IT.

--fast track development can be seen in India. It is useful in business, education and railways among other things. Boosts our economy. 

--A major facility which has brought India on the fore of the world among the big guns like the USA. 

--India is being seen as one of the most promising emerging countries especially because of the rapid development caused by the IT revolution. Now the world knows about India and many companies have started investing in India considering the possibility of it becoming an extremely powerful country.

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