1. Write the structure of Cis 2-Butene?
2. What is producer gas and write water shift reaction?
3. Arrange the following in increasing order of boiling point
n-pentane, isopentane, neopentane.
4. Write the IUPAC name and common name for CH3-CH=CH-CHO.
5. Which compound is prepared in Solvay’s process.Write the general electronic configuration of S-block elements.?
6. i) Why alkali metals do not occur in freestate?
ii) Which alkali metal imparts crimson colour of the flame?
7. i) Name the element which is more electropositive in 1S group?
ii) Name the element which has lowest atomic size?
8. i) What is the trade name of H2O2 used as antiseptic?
ii) How temporary hardness of water can be removed?
9. Show how H2O2 can function both as oxidizing and as a reducing agent. Give its equation?
10. Convert i) Ethyne to benzene ii) Ethyne to acetaldehyde
11. a) Write the balanced equation how H2O@ reacts with
i) permanganate ion in acidic medium
ii) iodide ion in acidic medium
b) give two uses of liquid hydrogen?
12. i) Write the difference between temporary hardness and permanent hardness?
ii) Prepare Gypsum and give its use?
13. i) Write the action of heat of Epsom salt?
ii) Which element has highest melting point among alkaline earth metals?
iii) Which is the hardest element among alkaline earth metals?
14. Complete the following reactions
i) CH2=CH2 alk. KMnO4 ?
ii) CH3-CH=CH2 with HBr in the presence of peroxide and in the absence of peroxide.
iii)But-2-ene H2/Ni ?
15. complete the following reactions and balance the following equations:
i) CH3-CH2-OH conc. H2SO4 ?
ii) CaC2 +H2O ?
iii)CH3-CH=CH2 + O3 ?
16.i) Write the nitration reaction of Benzene and give its mechanism in the form of resonance?
ii) Convert
Ethyne to Ethane
Acetic acid to methane
n-hexane to Benzene
17. i) Write the anamolous behavior of LI and Be?
ii) Give reason: Be, Mg do not impart colour to the flame in the flame test
iii) Which alkali metal is used in photoelectric bulb?
iv) Which is a good reducing agent in alkali metals?

Kindly refer to the following link for the structure of cis-butene. 
For getting solutions to all the questions kindly ask a single question in one link. We have answered the first question and the rest will be answered once you post them in different threads.

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