1. You are Ridhima. Write a letter to the editor of a newspaper protesting against experimentation on animals in scientific laboratories.

Here is the format of formal letter to editor for your reference. This would help you write your required letter on the concerned subject.

Ridhima Karn

B-32, Priya Colony

Mumbai -32

19th August’2013


The Editor

Weekly Mumbai

Darya Nagar,


Dear Sir,

Subject: Ban on experimentation on animals in science laboratories

This is a very vital point that does not get much attention but needs to be taken into account very soon. Experimentation on animals is something that is not human or moral. It is something that is done against the law of nature. A protest or a collective voice needs to be raised against this practice. Animal rights as well as some animal welfare organisations question the legitimacy of it, arguing that it is cruel, poor scientific practice, poorly regulated, that medical progress is being held back by misleading animal models, that some of the tests are outdated, that it cannot reliably predict effects in humans, that the costs outweigh the benefits, or that animals have an intrinsic right not to be used for experimentation

Hope this matter gains importance and is widely known through the esteemed column of your weekly.

I thank you in anticipation,

Ridhima Karn

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