11. The rainbow is a natural spectrum appearing in the sky after a rain shower (a) I s it correct to say that a rainbow is always formed in a direction opposite to sun? (b) It cannot be seen on a sunny day. (c) Arrange the sequence in correct sequential order Refraction, Internal Reflection, Refraction and Dispersion.

13. A reporter records the following observations of an astronaut from his space ship. (a) The length of the day is same as observed on the earth. (b) Sky appears black in colour. (c) The star appears to twinkle while the planets do not do so as they do on the earth. Justify each statement.

Dear Student,

a) Yes rainbow is always formed in direction opposite to sun.

b) Rainbow can be seen only if it is raining in one part of sky(like eastern horizon) and its sunny in other part of the sky (like western horizon).


As you can see in the above diagram as light enters the rain drop , it undergoes refraction and it is due to this refraction that various constituents of white light bend by different angle and lead to dispersion , now after reaching the other surface of drop light rays are reflected which is known as Total internal reflection , after that when rays come out of drop it is again refracted by some angle.

So correct order is Refraction, Dispersion,Total internal Reflection and Refraction

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  11)  a) yes it is correct to tell 
          b)  it cannot be seen in a sunny day because when water droplet is not there refraction is not possible 
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