11) The two ends A and B of a uniform rod of length L = 1 and mass m are moving with velocities vA and vB as shown. The angular velocity of the rod is.
a )   20   r a d / s b )   25   r a d / s c )   30   r a d / s d )   50   r a d / s

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Let the line joining A to B be X axis and Y axis is perpendicular to the X axis.Velocity of point A with respect to B along the line joining A and B is zero.Velocity of A along  X axis towards B is VAX=20cos53°=20×35=12m/sVelocity of B along  X axis towards A  is VBX=Vcos37°=V×45m/s12=V×45V=5×124=15m/sAngular velocity of rod is ω=Velocity of point A with respect to B in the direction perpendicular to the line joining A and B Separation between A and BVelocity of A  perpendicular to the line joining A and B is  VAY=20sin53°=20×45=16m/sVelocity of B  perpendicular to the line joining A and B is VBY=15sin37°=15×35=9m/sω=16+91=25rad/sRegards

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What is the value of vb?
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only va is given as 20 m/s
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Please find this answer

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but the answer is 25 rad/s...how's that?
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