13,338l lf oil was poured into 9can equally then the quentiy of oil each can

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Amount of oil in a can =13338 / 9
​                                     = 1482 litres
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foreign mail first 80g  90pa every additional 50g or part there   foreign mail is Rs.9.10 what is the maximum possible weirht of the parcel/?
Tank A contains 5times as such water as Tank B how much water must Rizwan transfer from tank Ato B so that each tank contains 45L of water
The given the tablr showthe prices of 3 different types of eggs 1/4 of the eggs bought were chicken eggs. 1/8of the were century eggs and the rest of quail eggs.if spend a total amount of Rs.6.50 on the chicken and century eggs. howmuch did spend  od quail eggs?    chicken eggs-20p each    centuey eggs-90p each  quail eggs-5p each

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