18. Name the particular technic in biotechnology whose steps are shown in the figure . Use the figure to summarise the technique in three steps.

19. In a bacterial culture some of the colonies produced blue colour in the presence of a chromogenic substrate and some did not due to the presence or absence of an insert (rDNA) in the coding sequence of  β - galactosidase .
(a) Mention the mechanism and the steps involved in the above experiment.
(b) How is it advantageous over simultaneous plating on two plates having different antibiotics ?

18. The process shown in the figure is Recombinant DNA Technology [RDT] . In RDT, the gene of interest is combined with a plasmid DNA to form recombinant DNA or rDNA. This DNA is used to introduce new characteristics or genes into the host individual.


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19. Insertional inactivation
A recombinant DNA is inserted within the coding sequence of an enzyme beta galactosidase which results in inactivation of enzyme
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