180ml of a hydrocarbon diffuses through a porous membrane in 15 minutes while 120ml of SOunder similar conditions diffuses in 20 minutes. What is the molecular mass of hydrocarbon? and how

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According to Graham's law of diffusion:



r = rate of diffusion
M = Molecular mass

r = Volume effusedtime=Vt


r1r2 = M2M1V1/t1V2/t2 = M2M1180/15120/20=64M1 (Molecular mass of SO2 = 64 g/mol)180×20120×15 = 8M1M1 = 8×120×15180×20M1 = 4On squaring both sidesM1 = 16

So, molecular mass of the hydrocarbon = 16 g/mol

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