19) from the table given below Force(N) 2 4 6 8 10 Displacement(m) 1 2 3 4 5 a) Draw the force-displacement graph. b) How can you find the work done from the above graph c) Suggest any two situations in which work done by a force is zero. d) A body is pushed with a force of 3N for 2s along a frictionless track. The graph shows the velocity of the body against time. ​

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a)The graph is a straight line with the value of slope as tanθ=21=42=2tanθ=2b) Work done Work done=area under force xand displacement graphW=12×base×height=12×5×10=25Jc)W=Fscosθwork done can be zero if cosθ=0 that is θ=90°or if the force is applied but there is no displacement.d)v=u+atv=u+a×2v=2a ( the graph is a straight line passing through origin if u=0)Regards

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