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Q.2. What do you think can be done so that trade between countries is more fair?
Q.3. In the above example, we saw that the US government gives massive sums of money to farmers for production. At times, governments also give support to promote production of certain types of goods, such as those which are environmentally friendly. Discuss

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What do you think can be done so that trade between countries is more fair?

 In recent years there have been a demand for more fair trade that seeks to create opportunities for all and ensure that its benefits are shared in a better way.

a. Government must thus, 
protect the interest of domestic producers, by giving them protection
b. It must encourage investment in backward and remote areas.
c. It must grant concessions and give protection to small scale industries and impose trade barriers
d. T
he government which has to strike a balance between the private players and the welfare of its citizens.
e. It must ensure effective implementation of labour laws, it must promote the interest and rights of the workers
f. Government can also negotiate with WTO for fairer rules
g. It must align with other developing countries pressing for fair globalisation and must prevent the possible domination of the developed countries

h.Further, people can engage in peaceful protest at various meeting of WTO and make demands on various issues including sustainable development, fair wages, protection to domestic producers.

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Two and three
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To enable fair trade between countries, 1. The countries have to remove trade barriers and follow the policy of liberalisation. 2. They should ensure that government don't support any particular section of people for selling goods at low cost. 3. MNCs should provide proper wages to local people living in that country despite flexibility of labour laws.
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Above answer is 2nd one.
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