2. Define Political Satire. Write a critical evaluation of Gullivers Travels as a political satire. please answer fast experts

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Political satire aims at the mal practices and flaws of the governing body. It attacks hypocrisy, exposes corruption and subverts the loose functioning of the leader(s).

The flaws of constitutional monarchy of Lilliput:

1. The emperor is selfish and shrewd. He is greedy and wishes to annex his kingdom to be the "sole ruler of the world". He is a hypocrite, as he forgets the favours done by Gulliver and plots against him once he seems useless for the kingdom.

2. The king is known for practicing favouritism in his court.

3. The aspirants find the offices in his service by performing rope dance and acrobatics for him. This is a satire on sycophants, who can go as low under the bar to please the emperor.

4.Lastly, the strife between the low heels and high heels puts light on the weakness of the constitution functioning under the king.

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