2 resistors of resistances R1= 100+-(plus minus) 3 ohm and R2=200+- 4ohm are connected in parralel.find the equivalent resistance in this parralel combination?
Please explain each and every step with reason as i coudn't understand the steps of this in NCERT

Dear Student,

Please find below the solution to the asked query:

Equation for the effective resistance is,


By applying log​ and differenting on both sides,


Given that,

R1=100±3 Ω & R2=200±4 Ω


ReffReff=R1R1+R2R2ReffReff=3100+4200 ReffReff=0.03+0.02ReffReff=0.05 Reff=0.05×Reff Reff=0.05×R1R2R1+R2Reff=0.05×100×200100+200 Reff=5×200300Reff=103 Reff=3.33 ΩReff=66.7±3.3 Ω


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