24) Write the main function and powers of the Election Commission of India.

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Article 324 of the Indian constitution provides the Election Commission of India with the power of superitendence, direction and control o conducting the elections in our country.

The functions of Election Commission of India are as follows:

1. Demarcation of Constituencies. 

2. Preparation of Electoral Rolls. 

3. Recognition of Political parties and allotment of symbols. 

4. Scrutiny of nomination papers. 

5. Conduct of polls. 

6. Scrutiny of election expense of candidates.

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The three major function of Election Commission of India are:-
(i) Election commission takes decisions on every aspect of conduct and control of elections.
(ii) It implements the code of convict and can punish any candidate or party that violates it.
(iii) It controls the government officers who are posted on the election duty.
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