25.4 g of iodine and 14.2 g of chlorine are made to react completely to yield a mixture of ICl and ICl3. Calculate the number of moles of ICl and ICl3 formed.

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Given that, I2 + 2Cl2 --> ICl + ICl3 

Now, we have, molar mass of  I2 = 127 x2 = 254

Molar mass of  Cl2 = 35.5x2 = 71

Moles of  I2 used in the reaction = given mass/ molar mass = 25.4/ 254 = 0.1 moles of  I2 

Moles of  Cl2 used in reaction = 14.2/ 71 =0.2 moles of  Cl2 

Here, from the reaction we see that, 1 mole of  I2  reacts with 2 moles of  Cl2 to give one mole of each of ICl and ICl3 

Interpreting the same data with the given sample we can conclude that, 0.2 mole of Cl2 reacts with 0.1 mole of  iodine to give  0.1  mole of each of ICl and ICl3 .

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