25. Share of sectors GDP% in 2010-11. 
Primary  = 15%
Secondary = 30% 
Tertiary = 55% 
Share of sectors in employment (%) 2010-11. 
Primary = 55% 
Secondary = 20% 
Tertiary = 25% 
Study the above data and answer the following questions: 
i. What is the share of GDP from primary and tertiary sector?  
ii. What is the share of employment % of primary and tertiary? Give reasons for more people working in primary and producing less. 
iii. Suggest any two measures to overcome the problem.

Dear student, 
i) The share of GDP from primary sector is 15 % while that from tertiary sector is 55%. 

ii) The share of employment from primary sector is 55% while that of tertiary sector is 25%
The reason for more people working in primary sector and producing less is "disguised employment" in the primary sector. 

iii) Two measures to overcome the problem of disguised employment are:
  • Increasing employment opportunities in secondary and tertiary sector.
  • Encouraging non-farm activities 

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