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3 4 6 N•low is the representation of a certain in nature. with four organisms 14. S. 2 3 5 and represented. any orr orgamsm that could shown at Same the biological process which was the sz•-ung B.xnt of the whole chain. natural element which all the organisms and even 5 are getung from No. I for their is a schematic diagram to illustrate of #otosynthesis. w up the gaps, in blank spaces (1-4). by writing names of the correct items. gut phenomenon do thick arrows A and B Indicate resFctively ? 1 2 CARBON DIOXIDE Enunwrate the steps involved in testing a green leaf for ttr presence of starch. alongside is diagram of an exsxrirrrntal set-up : NO CARB(N DIOXIDE WATER (a) (c) (d) What is the objective of this experiment WII) it work satisfactorily? Give reason. What alteration(s) will you make in it for cm.ining expected result? Would you take any step before starting the experiment? this step and explarn its 4 7. Draw a neat diagram of the stdmatai apparatus found in the epidermis of leaves arvå label Stoma Guard cells, Chloroplast. Epi&rmal cells, Cell wal and Nucleus.

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a. Food chain
b. Hawk
c. Photosynthesis 
d. Oxygen

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