3 and 4 fast please

3 and 4 fast please EXERCISE 12.' of 4 .1 Draw a Ho. a to 4 cm, C.X CY Jo cach Without JO'n XY A X Y a "ne AB With length 6 m With A centre and cm_ With B as centre and radiw; draw another circle In how Take 6 ernv With p and Q centres, draw two circles With rmersecling each other at A Is AB PO' S In a Circle With Centre C. laké pom's P and Q on the such that PQ circle Join CP and Measure ZPCQ, Is APCQ an equaangular triangle? 12.4 To Draw a Line Segment of Given Length Let us draw a line segment of length 42 cm. Steps of . Draw a Ime 2. Take a point P on '1. J. Keep the ruler along the Ime with its zero mark at p 4. With pencil. mark the point Q on the line l, which the reading 4.2 cm.

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