3) Can an overburdened manager take help from his subordinates? How? Explain the three important things which he should keep in mind while taking such help.(4 marks)

Dear Student

Yes, the overburdened manager can seek help from his subordinates. In this scenario, he can delegate some of his work to his/her subordinates. So that he can put his efforts in the priority areas of work.

The three essential things that he needs to keep in his mind are:

1. Responsibility: While assigning the responsibility of the job, the manager needs to judge the capability and the expertise of the subordinate.Keeping in the mind the same, the responsibility should be assigned.

2. Authority: For delegation to be effective it is necessary that the responsibility is accompanied with authority. If authority is provided with less responsibility, it may lead to the misuse of authority and in case of vice-versa, the job done will be ineffective.

3. Accountability: Once the authority is granted and the responsibility is accepted, accountability becomes a part of it. The manager should come up with some techniques to measure the work done. Such clarity among the reporting relationships will help in bringing coordination among various levels.

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