3 dice are thrown simultaneously ,find the probability that -
(1) all of them show the same face.
(2) all shows distinct faces.
(3) two of them show the same face.

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1As there are 6 faces on dice, henceProbabilty of getting a face on dice=16So we want to have same face Any one of the 6 faces on three dice.Required Probabilty=6C1 16×16×16=66×6×6=136 Answer2 As now we want three distinct numbers, first dice has 6 choices, second dicehas 5 choices while third dice has 4 choices.Required Probabilty=6×5×46×6×6=59 Answer3 First we chooces two dice from three dice. Then we we will choose 1 numberfrom 6 numbers which we can to see on two dice, then we will choose, 1 numberfrom remaining 5 numbers for third dice.Required Probabilty= 3C2×6C1×5C16×6×6= 3C1×6C1×5C16×6×6= 3×6×56×6×6=512 Answer

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