3. Difference between Specific and General Environment.

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Specific Environment and General Environment

Specific environment refers to those external forces that affect an organisation directly. That is, they are the forces that are specific to a particular organisation or a company. For example, a change in tastes and preferences of consumers towards the products of a company, directly affects its demand. Similarly, a delay in the supply of raw material from the suppliers directly affects the production of a company. 

On the other hand, general environment refers to those external forces that affect all the organisations. As against specific forces, general forces do not pertain to a particular organisation, rather they affect the performance of all the organisations. Thus, such forces affect a particular organisation only indirectly. For example, a change in technology affects the quantity and quality of production of all the organisations. Similarly, a change in political conditions affects all companies simultaneously. 


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The?general environment?is consists of the economy and the technological, sociocultural, and political / legal trends that indirectly affect all organizations.?Specific environment?is unique to that firm's industry and directly affects the way it conducts day-to-day business.
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