35 the pH value

35 the pH value "A'hato (3) N*'hate All the salts will hydrolyse wtvch of the following doesn•t act as Lewis aod? (2) sncl, 33. The unit in which the solubility product of banurn 42 phosphate is expressed as (I) rn012 dm-6 (3) m014 dm-12 (2) m013 dm-9 (4) m015 dm-15 34 A vessel of one litre capacity containing I mole of S03 iS heated till a state of equilibrium is attained. 2S03(g) 2S02(g) + 02(g). At equilibrium, 0.6 moles of S02 had formed. The value of equilibrium constant is 43 (1) 0.18 (3) 0.45 (2) 0.36 (4) 0.675 35. The pH value of 0.1 M NaOH solution is (when there is a given reaction = 10-14) (1) 13 (3) 11 (2) 12

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