35th question plz answer

35th question plz answer of if th• '*hare be when the *are •d when the i. laree an annual dividend of V'/9 it fbe dividend paid by the companyO "Vhat would be the annual irrome Of a man, who has 72 shares, in the if received cm'y 4% his investment, find the price he paid fot euh share sold sorne •hares paying IT", dividend at a of and inve•ted proceeds in shares paying 16% dividend quoted and thus mcrea•sed trrome by Vind the number of shares Mild by him. selling at ? 77, gome 2 % shares of face value r 100, and Investin€, •n 'hares Of face value ? 1(1), selling at CilO, a person his vmome by Uvvurrv How many shares did he sell? A man invests %750, partly in shares of at t 140 and partly of 3'9., at total "vome is ? 28), how much has invested in each? 36 into two parts such that if .1t premium and the other part is invested in shares It irromes from both the investments are equal.

Dear Student
Let the investment of the man in shares paying 6% at Rs 140 be Rs x, then his investment in shares paying 5% at Rs 125 = Rs (6750 – x)

Income on one share of Rs 140 = Rs 6
Investment in buying shares 6% at Rs 140 is Rs 3500
∴ Investment in buying shares 5% at Rs 125 is Rs 3250

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