3rd one any one know....

3rd one any one know.... Fundamental Osy•rauons Revision Exercise 1 i. write the terms of the polynomial 4x2 - 9xy 43y2 —x -2y +7. Also. find the numerical c«mcients of xy and x . 91btract3x3 — 7x2 5x +2 from 2 x 3 3x 7. are (1 2 a — 13x) members in a club. Each member contributes Ox 7m. What is to collection? A Errson has 2x sons. If he wants to divide (2x3 - 6yx2 rn2 of land equally among his sons. how much land will each of them get? The product of two numbers is x 4 — y . If one of them is x —y, find the other number. S. Divide x + x y + y by the product of x 2 + xy•y2 and x 2 —xy.y . 7. A colony has (a +5b) buildings. Each building has (a —3b) flats and each nat has (a. b rooms. How many rooms are there in the colony'? 8. Simplify. (iJ x 2 —12y2+x —(—3x2 +5y2 —(x2 +292 +3) -(-10a+2b+7) (iiJ a +19b —2a — {6a +5b + (3a —7

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(3x + 7a) (12a-13x)
= 36ax+84a2-39x2-91ax
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