4.5 g of aluminium is deposited at cathode from Al3+ solution by a certain quantity of electric charge. The volume of hydrogen produced at STP from H+ ions in solution by the same quantity of electric discharge will be  

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The reaction scheme is,

Al3++32H23H++Al1 Faraday = 1 equivalentEq.wt. of Al =273=9 gNo.of .eq (Al) = Al wt.Eq.wt=4.5 g9 g=0.5Hence required Faraday = 0.5Eq. H2 produced = 0.5 eqVol.occupied = VSTP2=22.42=11.2 ltHence for 0.5 volume occupancy = 11.2×0.5 = 5.6 lt.

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