4. Due to growing materialism, there is a shift in the values of youngsters. They continue pestering their parents for items like mobile phone, digital camera, bike, etc. for personal use even though there is no genuine need for these gadgets. Taking help from the MCB unit 'Children', write an article in about 120 words expressing your views on the same. You are Sunil/Surati. ​

Dear Student,

Being modern has its own benefits and drawbacks. Youngster nowadays want to look 'cool' and so they demand modern gadgets from their parents. They want mobiles, ipods, laptops etc. Their values have shifted from being good to being 'cool'. They do not realise what are the side effects of these things and this commitment to materialism is taking them down in their values. They don't think about their parents or their resources before making such demands. Many youngsters go astray due to easy access to these gadgets and later on they repent. They cause a lot of heartbreak to their parents in the process. Misuse of such things takes its toll and they suffer. This materialistic thirst should be checked on time so that later on it is not regretted.

This is a sample  essay. You can elaborate in your own words and frame your article.

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