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4th some how to do 2. 5. 7. the Of the giv (iii) 1200 (iv) 310 Gi) 850 m 080 00 res of sOtVuC are given The me as u complementary supple.nentary m ZN — 300 — 600 — 750 In Axyz. — 900. What kind of a do ZX ZZ The between the ov 400. Find the measures of the two Magles. is a rectangle. Of supplementary angles. If m Z-A 700, What is the measure Of me supplement Ot the complement of Z.-A? If ZA and LB arc supplementary angles and rnZB + — isoo

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Let measure of one angle be x°Thus,the complementary angle of this angle is(90 –xGiven;x° – (90 –x)° =40°x– 90°+x=40°⇒ 2x– 90°=40°2x=40°+ 90°2x=130°x=65°Thus, meausre of one angle is 65° and the measure of remaining angle is (90°-65°)=25°

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