5. The following passage has not been edited. There is one error in each of the lines. Write

the incorrect word and the correction in your sheet. (3)
The famous monument was build by Shah Jahan. eg. built
In memory of her wife. Construction began in a)________________
1632 and complete in 1653. The architect b) ________________
was Isa khan Who comes from Shiraz. The c) ________________
beauty of the marble dome and minarets are d) ________________
known throughout the word, the visitors e) ________________
also admiring the close-up detail of the Taj. F) ________________

a) herhis
b) completecompleted
d) areis
e) wordworld
f) admiringadmire

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1.   his           2. completed  3. came  4.  is  5. world   6. admired 

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