5.The speed of sound in hydrogen at STP is V.The speed of sound in a mixture containing 3 parts of hydrogen and 2 parts of oxygen at STPwill be-------

Speed of sound in hydrogen    V =YPϑH2 =YRTMH2   -------------(1)
Let the number of moles of hydrogen in the mixture be 3n . The number  of moles will then be 2n .

        Mmix  = n1M1+n2M2n1+n2  = 3nMH2+ 2nMO23n+2n  Mmix =3MH2+2(16MH2)5 =   35MH25                               Mmix   = 7MH2
Since both these gases are diatomic , y of the mixture remains unchanged . Hence at S T P ,the speed of sound in this mixture is given by .
                 Vmix =yRTMmix  = yRT7MH2      -------------(2)
  Dividing equation (2) by (1) 
                       VmixV =yRT7MH2                yRTMH2    VmixV =17  V mix  =  V7


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i think {V/[sq.rt.(7)]}
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