5.What do you know about Nelson Mandela.Explain briefly.

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Nelson Mandela was elected as the first black President of South Africa on 27th April, 1994, elected through democratic election. .He received around 250 honours, including the 1993 Nobel Peace Prize, the US Presidential  Medal of Freedom and the Soviet order of Linen. He formed a new Constitution in 1996 that banned all discriminations, based on ethical, language, racial and sexual.  He was considered as a role model or hero as he gives hope to the thousands of people.


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Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela (18 July 1918 ? 5 December 2013) was a South African politician and activist. On April 27, 1994, he was made the first President of South Africa elected in a fully represented democratic election. Mandela was also the first black President of his country, South Africa.
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