6. A rectangular plot 85 m long and 60 m broad is to be covered with grass leaving 5 m all around. Find the area to be laid with grass?
7. The length and the breadth of a rectangle are 6 cm and 4 cm respectively. Find the height of a triangle whose base is 6 cm and area is 3 times that of the rectangle. 
8. How many tiles, each of area 400 sq.cm, will be needed to pave a footpath which is 2 m wide and surrounds a grass plot 25 m long and 13 m wide ? 
9. The cost of enclosing a rectangular garden with a fence all round. at the rate of 75 paise per hectre. is Rs. 300. If the length of the garden is 120 metres, find the area of the field in square 

10. The width of a rectangular room is 4/7 — of its length. x, and its perimeter is y. Write an equatim connecting x and y. Find the length room when the perimeter is 4400 cm. 

15.Lawn B and L
area of flower bed 2*2=4m
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