6 (a). The following passage has not been edited. There is one error in each line. The first One has been done as an example. 1 2 × 8 = 4
The camel is an oldest of domestic the           ERROR   CORRECTION 
a. animals. It has been used since thousands
b. of year by the desert people to supply
c. much of their needs. Camels pull
d. ploughs and carry good to market. In the
e. desert they are almost an only means of
f. transport. This animal can adapt with
g. life in dry lands. Often calling the ship
h. of the desert, it could survive on dry leaves, seeds or bones.

(b). Rearrange the following to form meaningful sentences:                      3
has a / Hyde park / range / facilities / wide / of
carefully / lest / walk / fall / should / you
lake / is / for / the / popular / and / swimming / boating

(c) Famous writer Ashwin Sanghi's latest fiction The Sialkot Saga was
launched / released recently at Express Avenue. The hall was filled
with fans, curious onlookers and aspiring writers. You too attended
the launch programme. Using the inputs given frame six questions
that you would like to ask him.                                                                  3

Novel about what — be made movie — visit places in novel —
entrepreneur by day author by night — pseudonym — stories upset
any one — will you write more books — best book — admire most —
greatest fear — your happiness — family

Dear Student,

S.No. Incorrect word Correct word
(a) Since For
(b) Year Years
(c) Much Most
(d) Good Goods
(e) An The
(f) With To
(g) Calling Called
(h) Could can

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The story raises the moral issue that there is a sharp contrast between an adult’s perspective of life and the worldview of a little child. The adult’s perspective on life is different from that of a child because of the difference in their experience of life. A child’s thought, actions and reactions are natural and are from his heart in accordance with what is right in his quite narrow perspective. On the other hand, an adult who has seen many things in life has to consider before speaking or reacting by thinking of the society. For the children, everything has a happy ending but the adults know that this is not possible. Hope it helps!
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