6 parent cells undergo 8 continuous mitosis division,then 2 continuous meiosis division.If the number of chromosomes in parent cell is 116, then calculate:

-The number of daughter cells
-the number of chromosomes in each daughter cell


In mitosis, the number of chromosomes in each of the two daughter cells remains the same. In meiosis, four daughter cells are produced each of which has half the number of chromosomes as the parent cell.

When 1 parent cell divides mitotically, two daughter cells are produced. In 8 such divisions, 256 cells will be produced (i.e. 28). Further when each of these undergo meiotic division, the number of daughter cells produced will become 1024 (i.e. 256 x 4).
During mitotic cell divisions, the chromosome number will remain the same and after 2 meiotic cell divisions, it will reduce to 29 in each daughter cell (first reduces to 58 and then to 29).

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