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Answer to your second query: Justify the end of the play,'Julius Caesar'.
The conspirators meet their end in an as brutal manner as they had killed Caesar. Caesar's closest friend had betrayed him but another friend of his stood by him and helped him earn justice while the friend who had betrayed him paid for his misdeeds. The end of the play is justified because it shows how a person who does wrong never goes unpunished. The end of the play gives a message,'What goes around, comes around'.


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Caesar wanders about in his night-gown and is
kept awake by Calpurnia’s nightmares. She called out in
her sleep about supernatural omens that spelled disaster.
Calpurnia believes that such bad omens are a premonition
of evil and some harm would befall Caesar. Caesar rebuffs
her, refusing to give in to fear. Caesar deems the signs to
apply to the world in general and refuses to believe they
bore ill for him personally. Finally, Calpurnia prevails
upon Caesar to stay at home. Decius Brutus jeopardises
Calpurnia’s plan and forces Caesar to go to the Senate,
where the senators were waiting to offer a crown to him.
On his way, Caesar rejects the petition of Cimber to revoke
the orders for his brother’s banishment. This proves to be
the last nail in his coffin. Immediately afterwards, Casca
and other senators along with Brutus stab Caesar. Caesar’s
last words are, “Et tu Brute?”
The conspirators turn to the plebians and start
shouting slogans of “Liberty, Freedom and
Enfranchisement” as if they were safeguarding the rights
of all the Romans.
Mark Antony is too dumbstruck to see Caesar’s
dead body in a pool of blood, but tactfully restrains himself
from making any statements. He requests Brutus for
allowing him to make a funeral speech. Dismissing
Cassius’ objection, Brutus allows him but only after he has
himself addressed the plebians. Antony uses his excellent
oratorical skills very cleverly and succeeds in inciting the
mob to mutiny and wreck havoc against the conspirators.
Brutus and others have to flee for their lives and Octavious
Caesar arrives to clinch the victory for Antony and save
Caesar’s honour.
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in the end anotony deliver his wonderful speech using his oratorical speech , which turned the mind of the fickle minded people of Rome the mob turned towards the Brutus and other conspirators and killed them. in this way anotony was successful in getting proper Justice for his friend Julius casear.
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