64. If the following words are arranged in the alphabetical order, which word will paper at the end?
(1) Olympic (2) Olympia
(3) Oval (4) Ovulet

Dear Student,

Please find below the solution to the asked query:

If words are arranged in the alphabetical order then it is depend on the position of alphabet of the number in " A to Z ".

From above information we can arrange given words in alphabetical order , As :

1 ) Olympia

2 ) Olympic

3 ) Oval

4 ) Ovulet


The word ' Ovulet ' will come at the end .                                              ( Ans )

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Dear Yashi,
Here is the answer to yur question:
Among the four words, if we arrange these alphabetically, we can see something like this:
  1. Olympia
  2. Olympic
  3. Oval
  4. Ovulet
I think, you want to say "appear  at the end". So, you can see that the word 'Ovulet' will come at the end.
Hope it helps!
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