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6th question salt the following composition:• A1 10 K 1 S 24 the gen. Calculate the empirical formula of the saltv IAI 27, K — 39, S 32. O 161 i Ans. 2.3 CHEMICAL EQUATIONS 1. What mass of silver chloride will obtained bv adding an of hydrochloric acid to a solution of 0.34 g of silver nitrate. | .Ag=108, N—14, 0—16, I IAns. 0.287 gl 2 What volume of oxygen at s.t.p. will be Obtained by the action of heat on 20 g. of KCIOA 1 K-39, | IAns. 5.486 It,.l 3. From the equation : 3Cu + 8HN03 + 4H20 + 2NO. Calculate (i) the mass of copper needed to react with 63 g of nitric acid (Ans. 24 (ii) the volume of nitric oxide collected at the same time. [Cu=64, Hal, 0=16, N=141tAns.5.6 4. Zinc blende [ZnSJ is roasted in air. Calculate : al the number of moles of sulphur dioxide liberated by 776 g of ZnS and (Ans. 8 molesl b] The weight of ZnSrequired to produce 22.4 lits Of S02 at s.t.p. IS=32, Zn=65, 0=161 (Ans. 97 g. I Ammonia reacts with sulphuric acid to give the fertilizer ammonium sulphate. Calculate the volume of ammonia [at s.t.p.] used to form 59 g of ammonium sulphate. [Ans. 20.02 Its.l [ N=14, H=l, S=32, 0=161. Heat on lead nitrate gives yellow lead [II] oxide, nitrogen dioxide & oxygen. Calculate the total volume of N02 & 02 produced on heating 8.5 of lead nitrate. [P b = 207, N = 14, O = 161. [Ans. 1.15 of N02 & 0.287 of 02 (1.437 Its.)l 2KC103 2KCl + 302; C + 02 C02. Calculate the amount of KC103 which on thermal decomposition gives 'X' vol. of 02, which is the volume required for combustion of 24 g. of carbon. [Ans. 163.33 g.l (K = 39, a = 35.5, 0=16, c = 121. :alculate the weight of ammonia gas. Required for reacting with sulphuric acid to give 78 g. of fertilizer ammonium sulphate.

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Please find below the solution to the asked query:
2Pb(NO3)2 (s)  → 2PbO(s)  +4NO2 (g)  + O2 (g)

Molar mass of Pb(NO3)2 = 331 g/mol

Molar mass of NO2 = 46 g/mol

Molar mass of O2 = 32 g/mol

Now, we know that molar mass of a gas contains 22.4 L of gas so,

46 g of Nitrogen dioxide = 22.4 L 

32 g of Oxygen = 22.4 L

According to balanced chemical equation,

(2x331)=662g of lead nitrate yields (4x22.4)=89.6 L of nitrogen dioxide and 22.4 L of oxygen gas.

Total volume of gases = 89.6 + 22.4 = 112 L

662 g of lead nitrate produces 112 L of gases

8.5 g of lead nitrate will produce (112x8.5)/662 = 1.44 L of gases

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