71 and 72:

71. Which of the following ribosome are engaged in protein synthesis in animal cell?
(a) Ribosomes which occur on nuclear membrane and ER.
(b) Ribosomes of only cytosol 
(c) Ribosomes of only nucleolus and cytosol.
(d) Ribosomes of only mitochondria and cytosol.

72. Function of telomeres in nucleus is
(a) Poleward movement.
(b) to initiate the RNA synthesis
(c) to seal the ends of chromosome
(d) to recognise the homologous chromosome. 


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71. In an animal cell, protein synthesis occurs on the ribosomes that occur on nuclear membrane and ER (RER). Hence, option (a) is correct. 
72. Telomere represents the protective cap on the end of chromosomes. Their function is to seal the ends of chromosomes. Hence, option (c) is correct. 

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