85) For a concentrated solution of a weak electrolytic Ax By of concentration C, the degree of dissociation is α  given by
A )   α = K e q / x + y B )     α = K e q C / x × y C )     α = K e q / C x + y - 1   X x Y Y D )       α = K e q C x y E )     α = K e q / C x y

Dear Student,

When the electrolyte dissociates:

                          AxBy xAy+ + yBx- at t=0                 c          0            0at equilibrium      c-cα      xcα         ycαKeq = ( xcα )x( ycα )yc(1-α) = cx+yαx+yxxyyc (1-α)Keq = cx+y-1 αx+y xxyy       ( 1-α  1 )αx+y = Keqcx+y-1  xxyyα = Keqcx+y-1  xxyy1/x+y
The correct option would be the third one but its misprinted as it doesn't have the power mentioned in the answer.

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