9 and 10:

(ix) 1. alike/a/that/cricket/old/attracts/is/game/young/and 
      2. the/of/since/ball/have/my/days/had/great/for/fascination/I/childhood 
      3. cricket/I/the/of/friends/play/in/company/always/my 

(x) 1. brand/l/be/owner/was/to/cycle/proud/the/of/new 
      2. it/to/how/but/didn't/I/ride/know 
      3. it/how/brother/to/would/my/me/told/that/teach/he/me/ride 

a) Cricket is a game that attracts young and old alike.
b) I have had of great fascination for that ball since my childhood days.
c) I always play cricket in the company of my friends.

a) I was to be the proud owner of brand new cycle.
b) But I didn't know how to ride it.
c) My brother told me that he would teach me how to ride it.

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