A 15microfarad capacitor is connected to a 220V, 50Hz source. Find the capacitive reactance and current (rmsand peak) in the circuit. If frequency is doubled, what happens to capacitive reactance and current?

Capacitive reactance:xc=12πfC   =12π×50×15×10-6   =212.2 ohmsrms current:Irms=Vxc      =220212.2      =1.04 APeak current:Ipeak=2Irms        =2×1.04        =1.47 AOn doubling the frequency:Capacitive reactance is inversely  proportional to --Becomes halfCurrent is directly proportional to capacitive reactance--Becomes double

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1/2*3.14*f*c where c is capacitance and f is frequency. if f becomes doubled then reactance is halved and current is doubled
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