A(6,1), B(8,2), C(9,4) are three vertices of a parallelogram ACBD. If E is midpoint of DC, find the area of ∆ADE.

Given, ACBD is parallelogram.AB and CD are the diagonal intersecting in E.

Let the coordinates of D be (x, y).

We know that, diagonals of parallelogram bisect each other.

∴ Mid point of CD = Mid point of AB

Coordinates of D = (5, 1)

Coordinates of E

Area of ΔADE

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how is D calculated??? how to find co ordinate of E???

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Three vertices are given, then D can be calculated and it comes to be D (7, 3).

Now E is mid point of BD

∴ Co-ordinates of E are .

Now vertices of ΔABE are (6, 1), (8, 2) and  respectively.

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Since its a parallegram....the distance of AB = distance of CD (Opp. sides are equal)  Thats how you find D.

And E is already given........The Figure is different.

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In the question it is given that E is the mid point.

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Use Mid point Theorem.....Since you already have co ordinates of D and B!!

Sorry i didNT read the question Properly!

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it's okay.... hmmm :)

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