A, B & C were partners in a firm sharing profits in the ratio of 3:2:1. B was guaranteed a
profit of Rs. 2,00,000. During the year, the firm earned a profit of Rs. 84,000. Calculate the
​net amount of Profit/Loss transferred to capital accounts of A & C.

Can someone please explain me how to do this sum?????

Dear Student

As no info regarding the ratio of Deficiency borne is given, Assuming that guarantee given to B is given by A and C in their PSR i.e 3: 1.

Steps to solve this problem :
1. Find the share of profit through their Actual PSR.
2. Find the deficiency of profit by comparing actual profit share of B by Rs 2,00,000/-. This deficiency shall be borne by A and C in the ratio of 2:1.
3. From the actual profits arrived of A and C Subtract the deficiency share and the remaining would be the Actual share of A and C.
4. Please refer the solution below to understand correctly.

Solution :
Calculation of Actual distribution of profit
Total Profit                 84,000
Share of Profit in PSR :    
A :  (84,000 x 3/6)                42,000
B :  (84,000 x 2/6)                28,000
C :  (84,000 x 1/6)                14,000
Share Guaranteed to B by A and C in Ratio 3:1              200,000
Deficiency   (2,00,000 - 28,000)             172,000
Deficiency to be borne by A  (1,72,000 x 3/4)             129,000
Net profit transferred to A's Capital A/c  (42,000 - 1,29,000)             (87,000)
Deficiency to be borne by C  (1,72,000 x 1/4)                43,000
Net profit transferred to A's Capital A/c  (14,000 - 43,000)             (29,000)

Profit and Loss Appropriation A/c
Date Particulars   Amount Date Particulars   Amount
  (Rs)   (Rs)
  Profit Share :            
  B's Capital A/c   200,000    Net profit    84,000
           Capital A/c    
          A 87000  
          C 29000 116,000
      200,000       200,000

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