A ball A is thrown up vertically with speed u. At the same time instant another ball B is released from rest at a height h vertically above the point of projection of A. Taking the moment of projection as t=0 and acc=g find. a)At any time t, magnitude of relative acc of A with respect to B.b)The speed of A relative to B is.c)The separation between the bodies. Ans is-a)0 b)u c)h-ut

(a)Acceleration of vertically projected body=gAcceleration of freely falling body=gRelative acceleration=g-g                                       =0(b)After 't' seconds:Speed of A=u-gtSpeed of B=-gtSpeed of A relative to B=u-gt--gt                                            =u(c)After 't' seconds:Displacement of A=ut-12gt2Displacement of B from top=12gt2Seperation =h-ut-12gt2+12gt2                      =h-ut               

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