A bar megnet is cut into 4 equal parts.It is joined again using quick fix. The new megnet will behave as

a) 4 bar megnet b) 4 ordinary rods c) 1 ordinary magnet d) 1 ordinary iron rod

After the magnet is cut into 4 equal parts  
Every small magnet is a complete magnet in itself, having a north pole and a south pole of equal strength.
After we stick the ends back together.
It will act as a bar magnet as we have fixed the north and south poles of the magnet once again , well its magnetic properties have not changed and it acts as a bar magnet , So the option C is correct. 

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it will act like a 4 bar magnet

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bar magnet(A)

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after cuting a magnet it will lose its magnetic power so will befcome a d)a ordinary iron rod

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a) 4 bar magnet.

It will not lose its property.

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i think 4 bar magnets

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4 bar magnets

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