A block at rest slide down a smooth inclined plane which makes an angle 60 degree with the vertical and it reaches the ground in T1 set another block is dropped vertically from the same point and reaches the ground in T2 second then the ratio of T1 ratio T2 is...

Dear Student,Let L is length of the inclined plane along hypotenuese and H is the height of the inclined plane.Now for Case 1acceleration acting on the block a1=gcos60 = g2m/s2Now L =12a1t12=g4t12 m/s2For case 2The block traveles H vertically, a2=g m/s2H =12a2t22=g2t22 m/s2Now we know H= Lcos60 =L2ThereforeLH=g4t12g2t22 2HH=g4t12g2t22 =t12t22  =4t1t2  =2Regards

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