A blood donation camp was organised by an NGO in your locality. Many people visited the camp and donated blood. Renowned social activist Medha Patkar, the Chief Guest, inaugurated the camp. Write a factual description of the event in about 100-120 words for a local newspaper covering the arrangements, doctors, team, refreshment served etc.


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  • A blood donation camp was organised in our locality on the World Health Day, 7th April. It was held on the NGO premises. The arrangements of beds, sanitization, and volunteers were made.
  • A team of doctors and nurses, ambulance had reached the school before time. The Blood Donation Camp was inaugurated by the renowned social activist Medha Patkar.
  • The people of the locality and some passersby participated in the camp.
  • Fruits and milk were given to the donors. I also participated in the camp.
  • Many eminent people of the city donated their blood in the camp. The entire process continued till 3 p.m.
  • The Chief Guest expressed his viewpoint on the need of blood donation. One of the eminent doctors addressed the audience that donation of blood never make the donator weak.
  • Blood collected in such camps can be useful at any time of medical emergency.
  • The campaign ended with the National Anthem. It was successfully organised and many people were responsive towards blood donation. 

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