A body of mass 2kg is traveling with a velocity 10m/s. It collides with another body of the same mass traveling in the same direction with a velocity of 5 m/s. After collision, the two bodies move off together. What is the combined velocity of both the masses?

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 If u1 and u2 are the initial velocities of the two bodies before the collision, the total momentum before the collision is
Let v be the common velocity of the two bodies after collision. Then the final mo-mentum after collision is, 
From the law of conservation of momentum 
∴v = m1u1+m2u2(m1+m2) = 20×10+40×5/20+40 = 200+200/60=400/60=6.67 ms−1

∴ After collision, the combined velocity of both the masses is 6.67m/s.


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