A borrows RS8000 at 12% per annum simple intrest and B borrows RS 9100 at 10% per annum simple intrest.In how many years will their amount be equal

Let the amount of A and B be equal after t years.
Now simple interest for A after t years = 8000×12×t100 = 960t
Then, the total amount of A = 8000 + 960t......(i)

Similarly the simple interest for B after t years = 9100×10×t100 = 910t
Then, the total amount of B = 9100 + 910t.....(ii)

Now, equating (i) and (ii) we have;
8000+960t = 9100+910t960t-910t = 9100-800050t = 1100t = 110050 = 22
So the amount of A and B will be equal after 22 years.

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