A bullet of mass 1 kg is fired and gets embedded into a block of wood of mass 1 kg initially at rest. The velocity of the bullet before collision is 90 m/s . What is the velocity of the system after collision. Calculate the kinetic energy before and after the collision . Is it an elastic collision or inelastic collision . How much energy is lost in collision .

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 Mass of bullet=1KgMass of wood=1Kgvelocity of bullet=90ms-1By conservation o f momentumm1v1+m2v2=(m1+m2)Vv2=01×90=(1+1)×VV=45ms-1This the velocity of combined systemKinetic energy=1/2×1×90×90=4050JFinal kinetic energy=1/2×45×45=2025JLoss in kinetic energy=4045-2025=2025JRegards

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