A carpenter makes a box which has a volume of 13400 cu.cm.The base has an area of 670 sq.cm.What is the height of the box? What is the T.S.A of the box?.Pls experts i don't want related questions and answers ,i only want answers to my questions

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Please find below the solution to the asked query :
We know that volume = base area x height
So height
h =13400670=20 cmNow TSAof box = 2lb+bh+hlNow here we know h but we dont know l, b so but we can factorize l×b = 670 , to get at least one possible value of l and b l×b = 67×10 So l = 67 and b = 10 Now putting this we get TSAof box = 2670+200+1340 = 4420 square cm

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what is the shape of the box, cube or cuboidal
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